Final Betrayal by Patricia Gibney

Final Betrayal (Detective Lottie Parker, #6)Final Betrayal by Patricia Gibney
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I want to say that my review is going to be slightly harsher because I felt betrayed by the title.

I had this book sitting on my Kindle for about six months, saving what I believed to be the final instalment into this series for a time when I could focus and enjoy it.

And I did enjoy it, it was everything I remembered from the rest of the series – not a wasted chapter or sentence. It’s a good ride with good character perspectives and interesting motives. The characters are there for good reason, there’s good dialogue, although I am starting to tire of their captain and his intense dislike of Lottie.

I was a little annoyed that once again, Lottie’s family is kidnapped, but I went with it because I thought as the last book in the series we needed that emotional edge to the story. Who had them, what were they going to do, would they live? (I knew who it was going to be from about halfway through, although it was a good ride to see if I was right)

Only to get to the end of the book and have a bit of a cliffhanger! What? But this was the FINAL betrayal – the final one, final meaning last. Why play me like this?

Anyway, I then saw that there are two new instalments released and have since bought them because I still like Lottie, Boyd and Kirby enough that I want to read the next one. I just felt like an editor should have thought more about the title of a series – I could have been reading them as they came out, but didn’t bother looking because I thought the series was done.

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