The Mister

The MisterThe Mister by E.L. James
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This was as atrociously bad as I thought it would be – but who could stay away after ’50 Shades’?

I don’t know if it was better or worse that E L James had obviously tried to better her writing. In some ways it was like being a high school teacher, being proud that your student has tried new techniques, and is expanding their vocabulary. In other ways it was horrifying that something a high school student could write better, was published at all.

How to describe the terrible characters… they were so poorly written that it was actually funny in some parts. The whole Albania history was absolutely ridiculous, and as is the author’s style, so repetitive. Maxim was possibly the worst male character for this style of book, the author made him sound more like a teenage girl crushing on someone, than an Earl worthy of saving the heroine of the story.

Let’s get to the real reason this got a one-star from me, because it was hilarious, it could have gotten a two-star just because it was at least amusing. The portrayal of Alessia as an abuse survivor, suffering PTSD was appalling. Appalling. It was not written well, the author had obviously not read up on how to write for such a character, and even if it is a fantasy-portrayal, the trauma she goes through is too far away from acceptable for her emotional response at the end.

A terrible, hilarious, and depressing read. The only thing it does is give me hope, because if that can be published, I have a chance!

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