No Safe Place

No Safe Place (Detective Lottie Parker, #4)No Safe Place by Patricia Gibney
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is another good instalment in this series. Pacing was fantastic, there were not too many characters to keep track of – but enough that I was kept guessing.

Lottie can get a little frustrating, but this is what makes her such a great character – she is doing her best with what she has, and I know I always feel the struggle of working and looking after children on my own – and the small bits and pieces that get forgotten every day. She is good at her job, she has the grudging respect of her peers, and she has a working relationship with her children.

I was glad that the family history part of the series wasn’t at the fore in this instalment, I enjoyed having just the case to get into – I had actually forgotten what had happened at the end of the previous book, also why it was important, so it was good I didn’t have to re-read parts of the last book in order to just enjoy this one.

As always, I will look forward to the next one!

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